Receive Funding For Your Business

OG Capital Finance is established to provide planning and structured financing to enterprises at the bottom of the micro credit pyramid. We are seeking out, and offering assistance to a business demographic that is under-banked and unable to receive assistance from traditional financial and advisory institutions, usually due to a lack of an articulate business model or a noteworthy security.

Registered Businesses in Nigeria
Small Businesses 90%
Population Employment Rate
Small Businesses 84%
Economic GDP
Small Businesses 50%

Small Businesses are the Future!

Small businesses account for more than 90% of all registered businesses in Nigeria. They provide employment for about 84% of the population and contribute about 50% of GDP to the economy. Small business is the real deal! Investing in small business development should not only be a core pillar of an economic policy – it should also be your most critical individual plan for growing generational wealth. Let’s dwell on the latter for a minute.

We Help Promote a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We are determined to empower small business owners, while enabling investing partners earn profits on their funding capital. This helps to promote a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem which ultimately makes us rich.