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We Enable You Invest In Micro-Businesses.

Our financial inclusion mechanism is where you fit as an investing partner. OG Capital seeks out high-growth potential businesses and funds them with equipment loans in a secured environment.

We Aggregate Funds For
Specific Profitable Projects.

Join a community of people who fund projects and get paid upon completion.
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Own Your Own Home With As Little As 900k

With OG Capital Realty, you too can own your
own house and earn rent, every year, forever!


Businesses Funded


Investors & partners


Homes Available


Years In Existence


Businesses Funded




Homes Available


Years In Existence

Letter From Our Founder

How do you become wealthy from businesses without actually starting one?

The answer is simple; you seek out a business developer that will; Receive and manage your investment in lucrative small businesses. Offer you a fixed return on your investment at the end of an agreed term. You Can Start From The Top You don’t always have to get your hands dirty and work your way from the ground up. How? All you need to do is leverage on a system that puts you on top of a profitable credit system

OG Capital is already reaping bountiful ROIs from investing in SMEs using debt based instruments like equipment financing. Gone are the days when you actually had to start a business to make profit from one. The key is to put yourself in an ownership position and let your money work for you through a broker who knows how to invest and make profit from small businesses. Read more about our ideology and business model from this medium article.


What Do We Offer?


Whether you’re earning 3% monthly, or funding a profitable project, we have a plan or you.

Real Estate Investing

You no longer have to save a fortune before own your own house.
Get started with us today.

Business Development

We offer business planning management services and provide micro-loans to meet your operational needs


Our Clients Are Saying

There are just few finance companies you can trust with your money. @ogcapital_ is one of them. The ROI is impressive, trust me, nobody is running away with your money. Invested with them 6months ago and I got my returns last week. I trust them, you should too.

Samora Fortune

Corporate Lawyer

Shout to @ogcapital_ … Lemme Gan buy shawarma and
ice cream with my small investment… Invest with @ogcapital_,
get your capital with interest..

Sophie Andrea

Facility Manager

Video Testimonial

“Green Diplomacy Farms Talks About OG Capital Funding Helping His Business”


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