OG Capital Investment Moratorium Moved To 6 Months

2021 has been the best year for us, and we are glad that your are coming with us on this jolly ride. OG Capital is positioning itself as a leading financial intermediator, connecting micro investors to micro businesses. In furtherance of this, we have an announcement to make. We are increasing the OG Capital investment moratorium from three (3) months to six (6) months.

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Why This Is Happening

This is not a knee jerk policy, rather, it is actually based on months of study. Below are some of the reasons why this is happening;

(a) Our investors are smart and it is because they are beginning to recognize that the wealth generation process requires time. 80% of our investors are already taking the 6 month route, because we pay their ROI consistently.

(b) As a financial intermediator, what we do is invest your funds in a highly liquid asset (a profitable micro business). In doing so, we recover the returns and convert it into cash for your consumption along with the accompanying interest, after a period of time. We Increased the moratorium to 6 months because it will allow the company generate more money. This makes you wealthier because we now have sufficient time to target more micro businesses.

(c) We are implementing measures that promote a higher quality of service delivery. This is in preparation for the launch of our mobile app (which is currently in development). As our accounts increase, we are faced with more data entry tasks which call for the need for an increased moratorium. Our interest is in ensuring longevity, we are building a company that will outlive us.

It Only Gets Better

NOTE: This policy does not change anything, it makes things better.

  • It does not affect those on custom programs
  • It will not affect those who already have 3 month contracts
  • Does not affect payments
  • 5% ROI monthly guaranteed
  • Dragons continue to enjoy their benefits
  • We are still amazing

This new policy is effective as of June 2021. Let me know your thoughts.

If you are interested in investing with OG Capital or you want to know more about our investment, visit us here.


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