5 Businesses You Can Start With 30,000 Naira

Starting a business is a great way of having the money you need to meet your everyday needs. It provides an extra stream of income, increases your purchasing ability and gives you the kind of  freedom that having a boss would not allow. Unfortunately, not every one has so much money to start one and it is pretty difficult  to access loans from banks so in this article, I will show you 5 businesses you can start with 30,000 naira.

NGN 30,000 is not such a difficult sum to raise. As an NYSC corps member you can use your allowee to start, the minimum wage of the average civil servant right now is NGN 30,000 and you can also raise it from family and friends. These are the 5 businesses you can start with 30,000 naira or less;

 1. Popcorn Business

5 businesses you can start with 30,000 naira

One of the 5 businesses you can start with 30,000 naira is the popcorn business. Popcorn is not just for the movie theater. It is a favorite treat that people eat at picnics, hangouts, in offices, at home and even on the streets. Delicious popcorn seems to be insatiable and always make people come back for more, so it is a great source of income.

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It does not require a large sum of money to start as you can get a popcorn machine for as low as NGN 15,000. Other items you will need are bags of corn, salt, sugar, vegetable oil/ butter, flavor and powdered milk (optional) and nylon or newspaper for packaging.

All these fall within the NGN 30,000 price range. You might need to buy the items in small quantity when you start but you can eventually scale and buy more equipment and items from your profits. Making popcorn is not difficult and anyone can easily and quickly learn it.

Make sure you sell your popcorn where there is a lot of people like on busy roads, markets, busy commercial areas and if possible find spots where there are no other popcorn sellers. You can supply to supermarkets, schools, stores and hotels. You can also sell in traffic and motor parks and if you can, get street hawkers to sell for you.

While adding milk to your popcorn is optional, endeavor to add it as it makes it sweeter and it is much more preferable.

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2. Fairly Used Clothes (Okrika) Business

A lot of people in Nigeria buy Okrika clothes and footwear because a larger population of Nigerians are either middle class or poor. When properly washed and ironed, people look really good in them. As a result, selling okrika can bring in a lot of income for business people.

You can start it with a small capital as low as  ₦5,000.00 and grow your business over time. 

Importation Of Okrika

Okrika is usually imported from the United Kingdom, U.S.A and China, with the UK being the most expensive and China being the cheapest. The most notable places to buy bales (collection of okrika clothes wrapped together) of okrika in Nigeria in order to sell are: Katangua, Yaba, Balogun and Idumota markets in Lagos.

You must partner with people who have experience in buying okrika, when you start. This way, you will not fall into the wrong hands and they will connect you with trusted dealers.

It is also wise to attach yourself to an established okrika seller and apprentice for at least 3 – 6 months. This way you can learn the intricacies, rules and tricks of the business.

You can rent a shop, rent an open space in a popular market or use your house, depending on your financial capacity. Okrika clothes can be classified into three grades: Grade A which is fairly new and not torn, grade B which contains a few stains and might require mending and grade C with is a mixture of both.

3. Dry Cleaning Business

Dry cleaners are always needed since most working class people do not have the time to wash and iron their own clothes. The lack of proper electricity supply also puts people at the risk of looking shabby and they will be willing to pay to get their clothes ironed quickly.

It is pretty cheap to start a dry cleaning business because all you need is access to clean water, buckets, nylon, starch, soap and detergent and a pressing iron. You can make use of charcoal iron where there is no electricity then as you scale you can get electric iron, generator and washing machines.


A good location is important. You can have a dry cleaning shop in a busy area but it is preferable to set up in residential areas as the close proximity will make it easier for your customers to bring their clothes. Depending on your location, you may have to pay some levies. Like local government levy and all that. Find out and make sure you settle it all to avoid any sort of interference in the running of your laundry business.

You can add additional services like washing of rugs, curtains and bed sheets. It will boost your income. If you wash and iron a shirt and trouser for like NGN 200 and you do 10 of those in a day, you will make NGN 2,000 daily. Also, if you wash and iron a suit for NGN 500 and you do at least five of them, you will make NGN 2,500 a day. In a month you could make over a NGN 100,000.

You can market the business on social media and by putting a sign post outside your house or shop. Also spread the word to your neighbours and in offices where your business is located.

TIP: When given clothes, never ever miss your deadline. Always deliver when you promised to deliver.

4. Snacks Business

Snacks can be a substitute for cooked food. The demand for snacks is very high. Children take them to school, adults can easily munch them in place of food. Egg roll, fish roll,buns, puff puff and doughnuts are always a favorite for people are outside their homes and do not have the time to prepare a meal. Small chops is beginning to replace jollof rice in events and parties.

You can learn how to make them from friends or pay a professional to teach you. They do not charge much. Locate schools, supermarkets, shops and vendors to supply to. You can place a show glass somewhere and display your snacks for sale.

5. Local Soft Drink Business

Kunu, Zobo and fruit smoothies are some of the Nigerian substitutes for non-alcoholic soft drinks like Coca-cola and Fanta. Kunu can be made from millet, guinea corn, and rice. It could also be made from tiger nut and sorghum. These different grains give different tastes and appearance (color) when used.

Zobo drink can be prepared with natural fruits including the peels of some of the fruits. For flavor you may add artificial flavor and sweeteners such as Foster Clarks, Nutri C, jolly juice e.t.c

Although smoothies are not culturally Nigerian drinks, of late, a lot of people in the country have taken a liking to it. Smoothies are made from a fine blend of favorite fruits and mixed in adequate quantities to make a delicious rich drink.

It is quite cheap to start this business because you don’t even have to buy new plastic bottles to bottle them. You can use used water bottles or buy them very cheap.

TIP: Hire someone who is proficient in making these drinks if possible. This is because if your drinks have an exceptional taste you will increase your customer base.

What other businesses can be started with just NGN 30,000? Comment below.

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