How to Make a Nigerian Tailor Finish your Work on Time

Dealing with a Nigerian Tailor can be a headache, especially when they do not deliver your order on time. The festive period is coming and many people will face disappointment. The question is, do Nigerian tailors deliberately refuse to cater to customers’ demand? is it a simple case of incompetence or miscommunication?

It is hard to say, as it varies from case to case. One thing we know is that some tailors skip crucial learning stages. Therefore, they come out as half-baked managers and artisans. However, the services of a tailor cannot be overemphasized. Every day people wear clothes which makes it a necessity, either to attend an occasion or just to look good.

A Short Story Of Something That Happened With A Nigerian Tailor

After seeing a picture of a style, Tade begins by purchasing a fabric from the market. She takes it to a tailor that promises to give her the exact results she wants. The tailor charged a high fee so she thought “well, that should make him put in his best”. (This is after repeating like 10 times the extra things she wants via phone call)

Tade feels good and rests easy at home, she has an event coming up and she is looking to slay!!! Then 3 days to the event, Tade wants to collect her cloth as agreed. But the tailor is a no-show, not picking calls. Shortly afterwards, the number stops going through. Chineke.

Nigerian Tailor wants to see crazy

Thank God she knows where the shop is. She walks to the plaza, but the tailor is not around and her cloth has to be brought out from the shelf where it was kept the day she brought it. Omo!

This means that it was never touched after she left. The worst of it all is that she paid, she actually paid an inflated price for the fabric and a down payment for workmanship. Does this sound familiar? Many tailors go to buy the sub-standard fabrics just to put the extra money in their pocket and tell you that the money was not enough. Some will travel to their village in December and lock their shop with your clothes still inside.

In this case what will you call the tailor? I will leave that to you.

How To Make A Tailor Finish Your Work On Time

To avoid stress, we advise you to follow these steps to make sure your Nigerian tailor does not fall your hand. Choosing a tailor that has years of experience does not necessarily mean that he/she will not disappoint you. But choose a tailor that understands what you want from them. Many people may not want to put in the time or money into finding someone with great skill.

In the end, the benefits of finding a good tailor will outweigh the costs. A good tailor will change the way you feel, look and how you present yourself to everyone around you. Thus, choosing the right one is the best decision you can make.

How do we solve these problems?

Every tailor has a pattern. But because we ignore those obvious signs, we become victims of disappointment and maltreatment. I call it maltreatment because after all said and done, the results you may get do not match your expectations.

You can identify a good tailor from their past work. Its not just about the stitch and finishing, you also want to know about their work ethic. Good customer service is usually always directly proportional to customer satisfaction.

Regardless of how annoying some tailors can be, there are measures that will reduce your risk of not getting your outfit done on time.

1. Research

Giving your fabric to a tailor for a custom outfit should be taken as a big deal. Open your magazine, check your phones or ask friends for a tailor that will bring that outfit to life. Some tailors specialize in making particular outfit and you should consider them when you need those outfits, e.g. cooperate outfit, traditional outfit or bridal. This will reduce the heartache, time and money wastage. Make sure the tailor has an output that fits your demands.

2. Inform your Tailor beforehand

Everyone wants to be the first. A good tailor will always work with his/her schedule. Always understand that the tailor will need sufficient time to finish your job. Endeavor not to pressure them into agreeing with your timeline. Inform your tailor beforehand to find out if there is available space and work with the time given.

3. Pay on Time

A down payment is crucial. Truly some customers want so much yet refuse to make a payment. Always know that payment validates your order, even if it was not expressly stated by the tailor. Some customers are their own demons, imagine bringing a fabric and agreeing on a date of delivery and expecting to see result before paying. Please try and fear God.

4. Pick Quality

Some customers say they do not care about what is inside the cloth because they want to reduce the price the tailor is charging. Any tailor that agrees to this will likely fail you. Give the tailor all he/she needs to get the work done and leave it at that. Garbage in Garbage out.

5. Check-ups

Always remember to check up on your tailors, being over-whelmed with work can lead to forgetfulness, reach out per time. They require reminders. A tailor that knows that you have your eyes on them are more prudent.

6. Keep to your Words and Bring A Paper

When you set an appointment, you keep to it. When you make your tailor sign a contract, they will never take you for granted. Because they are sure you will bring consequences when they mess up. They are also sure that they will not be owed. Information rules the world, do not go to a shop make arrangements and go missing after agreement.

7. Be Nice

Furthermore, a Nigerian tailor loves a customers that is not rude or arrogant. If there is a problem, state them without being confrontational. Some tailors are vindictive and will carry out their frustration on your fabric. You have everything to lose. Do not lose a relationship on one mistake after 5 good jobs. Trust me this is better than going round testing the waters.

8. Be Specific With Your Demands

If you have a unique taste, get all the pictures or sketches that will help explain what you really want for easy understanding of your tailor. Understand your body type and sketch out a style if necessary. Not everything that works for Ebuka will work for you. No vex bros.

9. Show Appreciation

Pretending that an outfit is not good, so as to pay less, does not make you wise. Every tailor knows the quality of work they do. A tailor that receives accolades for good work will like to continue in that pattern. Let your tailor know that you appreciate them and yield your returns in the future.

Avoiding Late Deliveries As A Tailor

Regardless of all said and done by the customers, some tailors still fall short, to be better at delivering their tailoring service timely. As a Nigerian tailor, people expect the worst. Do these things and you will prove them wrong.

1. It’s All About Measurement

The right measurement will always give you the perfect result. Keep the chosen style and the exact measurement; it is important that you sew the customer’s cloth according to agreed design with the right size. Therefore canceling the time spent on adjustment. This should also be done in consideration of the customers body size and shape.

2. Do not Misplace Materials

Misplacing your customers’ material is a terrible mistake. Tag customer names with a masking tape and put on the fabric or do a picmix with the fabric and style so as not to forget. Making a shelve for finished clothes and some kind of bags where un-sewn materials can be kept.

3. Stand your Ground

Any customer that does not listen to advice will be problematic in the future. Do not agree to take up tasks that will leave you grumbling. Remember to set a target and work very hard to achieve such targets.

4. Insist On A Down Payment

To serve as an incentive for the project, payment should always validate the order and thus time of pick-up. A down payment is a way to ensure that there is commitment from the customer. Because truly some customers will have no problems asking you to do a job and ghosting on you.

5. Never Let Your Emotions Control You

Some customers will try to blackmail you emotionally in order to put you in a tight spot.  Endeavor to insist on your policy and modus operandi. The moment you begin to cave, you stand a higher chance of defaulting on the delivery because standard conditions begin to work against you.

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