How Nigerian Twitter And Instagram Influencers Make Money

Some people build up large following on social media due to their knowledge or expertise. These people become figures as a large number of people engage with their micro thoughts. They are known as social media influencers because they influence opinion and lifestyle. Influencers regularly make posts on the social media platform of their choice.

They are usually able to get a large number of people to show keen interest in their views. With the ability to initiate conversations, propel engagements and set trends for an invested audience, influencers are in the best position to be approached by brands in Nigeria. In this article, I will reveal to you how Nigerian twitter and instagram influencers make money.

How Nigerian Twitter And Instagram Influencers Make Money

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Social media influencers are beneficial to brands marketing efforts, now than more than ever before. One of the reasons is that they are more relatable to audiences. They are more genuine and they can relay a brand’s message in a way that traditional marketing cannot. Another reason is that, with mobile phones having the spam and ad block features, brands are becoming unable to get their advertisements to reach audiences. On the other hand, influencers have a dedicated following that will readily listen to anything they have to say and purchase what their faves endorse.

Nigerian influencers earn quite a lot depending on their level of influence, amount of engagement and quality of content. Influencers make, per post or campaign, anywhere from 10k to 10million Naira. The top 4 ways Nigerian Twitter and Instagram influencers make money are:

1. From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically referring a customer to an online retailer or brand’s products. When people go to the site and buy said goods using your referral link, you get a commission (A cut from whatever the retailer sells).

If an online retailer wants to reach a larger customer base on the internet, they approach influencers. These influencers then advertise the products on their page and on their posts with the links to the retailer’s website so their followers can see.

There are two ways influencers make money from affiliate links:

(a) Influencers get paid when people click on the link and end up on the site. This is known as pay per click (PPC).

(b) When they go to the site and purchase the product, the influencer gets paid a percentage commission.

2. From Sponsored Posts

Social media users are increasingly engaging with brands on Twitter and Instagram, much more than the they engage with ordinary brand accounts. As a result, brands are finding new ways to increase their sales and target more customers by reaching out to influencers on these platforms. This is because these influencers have the eyes and ears of a lot of potential users, and most importantly their hearts.

A sponsored post is a piece of content created and published by an influencer, marketing a brand’s product or service. They often incorporate the product in their regular content. A lot of influencers are paid handsomely for making sponsored posts for brands. For instance, Toke Makinwa, a fashion influencer, charges anything from 1 – 5 million naira to promote a brand in her pictures or videos.

3. Endorsements

Being an influencer means that you are, to a certain extent famous. And with fame comes loyalty, love and respect from adoring fans. A lot of people would buy something, even when they don’t need it, because they sae someone they admire using or consuming it. This has made brands clamor for influencers who can make their products appealing by just being an ambassador.

Laycon, the winner of the 5th season of Big Brother Naija, rose to fame from the reality TV show. His now has a following of over 3.4 million on Instagram. No wonder brands like Orijin, OPay, Oppo mobile, GOtv Nigeria and Mentos fresh have made him their ambassador paying him millions of Naira just so he could be the face of their company.

4. From Selling Their Products

Some influencers use their position as authorities in certain fields to sell their products.

An example is Jackie Aina who is a make up and beauty expert. Over the last 11 years, Jackie Aina has become a household name in the beauty world. Starting off as an army reserve with a penchant for makeup, Jackie has gone from playing with beauty videos to seriously investing in her creative skills. She has become one of Instagram’s top influencers. She runs a number of lifestyle and beauty brands, one of them is the FORVR mood.

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