6 Things You Should Buy Before December

Christmas celebration in Nigeria is part of our culture. It is celebrated as an end of the year holiday by people who are not even Christians. In America the 60 day period of November and December is regarded as “shopping holiday”. This is because of the rush to purchase items, the prices of commodities sky-rockets. The sellers of these items also want to make enough gain to provide for their family during the holiday. This article will show you 6 things you should buy before December.

6 Things You Should Buy Before December

For example, a lot of Igbo people travel down to their villages during the festive period because of weddings, burials and other celebrations. These celebrations are intentionally fixed in that period because a lot of family, relatives and friends will return for Christmas. This means their budget will include transportation, new clothes to give a good impression and gifts for relatives.

Just recently, my mum noticed that this trend of traveling during the festive season can be stressful. She decided to cut down on traveling because she realized you continually spend, right from when you start your journey till when you return to your base.

Even when you decide to stay home, there are items needed to run our daily lives. These items will definitely increase during the Christmas celebration.

Here are 6 things you should get before the Christmas holiday

1.Buy Outfits For Christmas:

There is no Christmas without a Christmas clothes, especially for children. If you would like to have attires that are made to your measurement, it is advised to drop your materials 3 months before Christmas. This is because we all know that the tailors in Nigeria are not totally dependable. Already made outfits can be gotten from stores that do slashes in October/November to reduce the total money that was budgeted.

Then if you are a tailor, it is very easy to neglect your immediate family because of so much work. Your family outfit should be sorted out well before the month of festivity. Most tailors are known to wear jeans and shirts more often because they did not have time to make the outfit that suits their personality.

2. Buy Poultry To Rear Before The Christmas Holiday

Rice and chicken is the official meal to celebrate the Christmas season in Nigeria. This means that sellers of chicken make a lot of gain from this venture, because everyone is paying them for the chickens. Apart from totally cancelling the cost of purchasing chickens on the list of Christmas items, you can also use it as a business venture. Whether you’re buying the chickens frozen or alive, you will get them cheaper before the Christmas rush.

3. Buy Essential Non-perishable Goods

The major thing that affects these items is transportation, either within Nigeria or from outside the country. The foreign goods are the most affected of them all, shipping cost jumps as Naira loses more value. I am sure everyone wishes that their salaries can as well shoot up so as to be able to comfortably buy basic needs. I have a friend that buys rice from Ilorin and we live in Abuja.

Why will someone do this? Isn’t it obvious? The transportation cost added to the cost of the bag of rice form Ilorin itself is lower than the cost of the bag of rice Abuja. Please do not wait for the Christmas period, transportation will definitely increase. Don’t say I did not warn you.

4.Renovate Or Decorate Your House For The Festive Period

Most homes in Nigeria do not put much emphasis on Christmas trees and lights. If you plan on building a structure or do any renovation, it is advisable that you buy the materials needed while there are still affordable. Right now, cement is ₦3,500, tiles are ₦2,400 at least, the smallest bucket of normal paint is ₦1,200 while satin paint is about ₦4,500.  All these will go up by the time Christmas comes around.

5. Buying Back-To-School Items For Your Kids

After the Christmas and end of the year celebration, most people go broke. Then you see people walking around like zombies as though it took them by surprise. Children will not understand why their uniforms, shoes, schools books and school fees haven’t been not paid for. There are back-to-school cloth promos that are done in some stores. This is a very good opportunity to buy the things you need. School fees can be paid for per session, which is 3 terms together, this will help you sort out school related problems before time.

6. Buy Gift Items For Loved Ones

Children say their favorite aunties, uncles and siblings are those who get them the best gifts. To remain on top of your game, make gift purchases before December. Watch out for deals on Jumia, Konga, Jiji, Ali express, etc.

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