How To Start a Small Chops Business: All you need to know

When you get to a party and a plate full of well prepared small chops is not served, that party is bound to be a disaster. Nowadays, even if your food is tasteless, your guests will readily forgive you if the small chops is top notch. This is why it is a sought after delicacy in Nigeria. In this article, I will show you how to start a small chops business.

How To Start a Small Chops Business: All you need to know

Small chops is known around the world as finger foods. When I am given a plate of small chops, I see it as a plate full of the yummies of life, handpicked from different countries. Small chops are appetizers that people serve at events with drinks or before a main course.  A plate of small chops houses different shapes and unique flavors of snacks. Even though it contains just a couple of items, it can be quite filling.

What Makes Up Small Chops

Around 2001 2002, the small chops that were served in my mum’s office had Sandwich, a mini meat pie, stick meat, chin-chin, chicken and cake. Some of them are still retained in the new and improved small chops package (Samosa, spring roll, stick meat, puff puff, plantain mosa, chicken, etc.). Personally, I love the samosa. If there is no samosa, then I feel the small chops package isn’t complete. The amazing thing about this meal is that it does not have any societal divide. Every class enjoys them at parties. The rich and poor like it.

The possible content of any small chops platter and the countries they originate from;

S/NoSmall ChopOrigin
1SamosaMiddle-east region
2Spring RollChina
4Money-Bag PieThailand
5Plantain MossaNigeria
6Stick MeatNigeria
9Peppered SnailNigeria
10Asun (Peppered Goat Meat)Nigeria

Why There Are More Small Chops Business Springing Up Every Time.

Theresa, a university student had tasted a lot of small chops platters in different events and did not understand why everyone was head over heels for them, until she tried “THE ONE”.

This moved her to learn from the vendor she bought the small chops from, after awhile she went somewhere else to improve on that knowledge and since then, there has being no turning back for her.

She got her special recipe from combining all the knowledge she accumulated from her tutors and her experience over time. This skill helped her gain die hard customers.

She says ”It is very important not to take away the originality of a pastry. For example; garlic is a major spice in Samosa and Spring roll and it should remain like that. It is the spicy taste that makes it refreshing.”

The Art Of Keeping Your Samosa And Spring-roll Fresh

Some small chops vendors buy the already made wrapped samosa and spring rolls from other vendors and fry. The problem with this is if they stay in the refrigerator for more than 3 days they can never taste fresh again. They get burnt in no time if you try to fry them.

If you want that golden brown look, you have to make it fresh or make it 1-3 days beforehand and refrigerate it.

The ingredients to make the samosa and spring roll wrap include:

  1. Flour
  2. Egg
  3. Sugar
  4. Baking Powder.

The fillings in a spring roll include:

  1. Cabbage
  2. Carrot
  3. Onion and Etc.

The fillings in a samosa include:

  1. Meat
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginger
  4. Curry and thyme
  5. Lettuce
  6. Spring Onion
  7. Cinnamon.
  8. A mixture of Cameroon pepper, yellow pepper and red pepper.
  9. Turmeric
  10. Kitchen glory.

Necessary Equipment To Start A Small Chops Business

For every person trying to start a small chops business, the first step to success is to undergo necessary practical classes to see your outcome over time. With this experience, you will be the right pastry chef for small chops.

These are the equipment you will need for the full functionality of a small chops business:

1. A Big Table

The process of making the wrap that covers the small chops (majorly samosa, spring rolls and money bag pie) is a very long and energy exhausting process. It is very important to have a large table where you can line up your ingredients and also perform the act of creating these delicious pies without having to move around so much.

2. Refrigerator

This equipment is used for preservation, in the case that you have a large order for small chops, it is advised to start 3 days to the dated event. This brings the necessity for the refrigerator.

3. Frying Spoon (omelet spatula, skimmer)

Without a proper spoon to pick up the small chops from the oil in due time, they might get burnt and the most acceptable golden look will not be gotten. Some people pre-fry their wrap for samosa and spring roll, they use the omelet spatula to turn it over, while the skimmer is generally used to pick out all the small chops from the pot during the frying process.

4. Sieves

Most people are irritated by small chops that are too oily. As the small chops is coming out of the Pot, it is first put in a sieve that has an aluminum bowl under it. To drain off the excess oil carried with the chops from the pot. When the cabbage and carrot is washed a sieve can also be used to drain out the water so has to remove the moisture that is not needed in the chops.

5. Grater

In other cooking processes graters are interchanged with knives. This cannot be done in small chops, the need for a slim strip has made it unavoidably useful.

6. High Stools

In every profession there is always a minor set-back. In tailoring and Hair making the people involved, suffer from waist and leg pain. A pastry chef that makes small chops will suffer from waist pain, leg pain and back pain. A high stool is therefore needed to reduce the strain on these various body parts.

7. Thick Surface Pot

A thick surface pot retains heat, when the heat under the oil is reduced to steam fry, it helps the small chops not to absorb too much oil due to the effect of cool oil.

8. Stove or Gas cooker

Some small chops chefs prefer using a stove while some prefer to use gas cooker to prepare their chops. It is advised that you use the gadget that gives you, your most preferred result.

9. Bowls

Bowl! Bowls!! Bowls!!! This is a must have in every kitchen. They could be plastic, aluminum, ceramic or made with clay. They are used for fetching water to use for cooking, storing ingredients, turning out content from a pot, used under the sieve to drain out unwanted substances and many other things. If you do not have a bowl in your kitchen, are you sure you cook? Just asking.


Remember the part where I mentioned that everybody enjoys small chops (both rich and poor). It is therefore important to have platters that can serve the lower class, medium class and upper class. These are ideas of combinations that can be done to satisfy your customers all around.

First Platter


Spring roll

Puff puff


Second Platter


Spring roll

Puff puff



Plantain mosa.

Third Platter


Spring roll

Puff puff



Plantain mosa

Moneybag pie

Peppered snail/sausage

Shrimp and any other savory snack.

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