10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter If You Want To Learn About Business

Twitter can be used for a whole lot more than just having a good time. You can do more than laughing at memes and banter and chatting with your friends. It can be a useful resource for improving yourself and increasing your knowledge, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. In this article, I will list 10 people to follow on Nigerian Twitter if you want to learn about business.

10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter If You Want To Learn About Business

As a matter of fact, I have learned these past few years is that social media is a marketplace and a library. You will get the type of content you are looking for.

Some of Nigeria’s most successful business people are on Twitter. They use the platform to give business advice, share their personal and professional experiences from which they share words of wisdom, talk about their opinions on business news update and draw their followers’ attention to current business trends. You can also connect with these people and get them to mentor you.

There is so much information, knowledge and business ideas you can get when you follow these business people on Twitter. The truth is I had to look through Twitter and come up with this list. Below are 10 people to follow on Nigerian Twitter if you want to learn about business. However it does not imply that they do not share any other type of content. Make sure to click on the notification icon on their profile page so you don’t miss their tweets.

1. Victor Asemota @asemota

10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter

Victor Asemota, also known as “Big Chief”, is an investor and technology entrepreneur. He is an advisor and board member of many of the Fintechs and investment firms in several African countries. Victor founded Swiftacorp, which is an African software and technology services group. However, Victor is very loud on Nigerian Twitter and he “chuks” mouth in topics ranging from business to Igbeaux.

He is also  a writer, a mentor and a teacher. His very insightful content on Twitter and other platforms where he writes, stems from the deep knowledge he has about African entrepreneurship and the tech space.

2. Tony Elumelu @TonyOElumelu

10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter

Tony Elumelu, through his foundation (Tony Elumelu Foundation), is training the next generation of business people who will also be leaders. He took a shaky commercial bank and made it into the successful UBA Group it is today. One of the largest financial institutions in Africa.

Tony Elumelu usually tweets about the challenges Africa faces in terms of infrastructure and how he intends to solve them. He often shares news stories relating to business in Africa. When Tony tweets, you better pay attention. The billionaire talks about the kinds of books to read if you want to understand investment and development. He also gives tips on how you can succeed in business and life.

3. Jason Njoku @JasonNjoku

Jason Njoku is a British-Nigerian entrepreneur who co-founded iROKOtv and is currently the CEO. After realizing that Nigerians lacked a streaming platform like Netflix and Hulu, he got a YouTube channel for Nollywood movies after striking a deal with YouTube. This venture made profit in the first two months. That same year, a venture capital made an investment of $3 million in this business and he started the iROKOtv video-on-demand streaming platform.

He frequently tweets about venture capital and how to raise funds as a new business.

4. Iyinoluwa Samuel Aboyeji @iaboyeji

10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji has a hand in the creation of Fintechs like Andela, Flutterwave and Future.Africa, as he co-founded them. He mostly tweets about entrepreneurship, his business experience and politics. He also shares opportunities in the tech space. Iyin is a controversial character and he never disappoints. In addition, Iyin is an intellectual and this may be the first thing you notice from his interactions. Let me tell you an open secret, the guy helped develop the N-power program.

5. OG Adoga @DoubleOGAdoga

O G Adoga is the founder of OG Capital, a business development company that offer funding and business strategy solution to small businesses. He graduated from the Federal University of Technology Minna with a degree in Chemical Engineering but because of his passion for how money works he studied everything he could about business and became proficient at it. He was nominated for the Founder Of The Year Award in 2021.

He tweets about his experience being a freelance business consultant, starting and operating a startup in Nigeria. He gives analyses the market gives advice on what works and what doesn’t.

6. Peace Itimi @peaceitimi

Peace Itimi is a digital marketing expert and trainer. She’s among the first 50 people in Africa to be certified on Facebook as a digital planning professional training entrepreneurs on how to grow their business with the power of digital marketing. Furthermore she works at a Swiss Impact and Tech company that invests in technology and entrepreneurship called Seedstars as the Growth Manager. She was a nominee for The Future Awards Africa Prize for Media, in 2019.

She often tweets about how to market your product in a way that ensures your business grows. She also has a YouTube channel where she interviews founders of some of the biggest FinTechs in Nigeria. Those founders drop a lot of valuable gems about how to start and run successful businesses. If you follow her, you may just get inspired.

7. Ola Brown @NaijaFlyingDr

She is the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria, an air ambulance services. She is also a board member of Greentree Investment Company. In her tweets, she talks about investments, economics, policy making and healthcare. She curates career development contents that will help people make informed decisions about what career to pursue.

8. Fisayo Fosudo @Fosudo

Fisayo Fosudo is a youtuber who makes technology-focused videos who graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Economics. He is tech savvy and is well versed in cryptocurrency and investment. He mostly makes videos about technological products, reviewing the latest gadgets in the market. This is not all he talks about though, he also talks about business and finance.

He often educates his audience with content like how to spot investment scams, how to make $100 in a day, how you can invest in US and Chinese stock, etc.

9. Brenda Okorogba @MomentsWithBren

Brenda is a Nigerian who resides in Canada. She was listed as one of the top 25 immigrants in Canada. Her tweets are full of opportunities for career advancement, self-development and entrepreneurship.

10. Hanu Fejiro Agbodje @Fejizzy

He is the founder and CEO of Patricia, an alternative payment solutions company that facilitates the easy use of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. He educates people on crypto trading and the future of Paytech.

This is the list 10 people to follow on Nigerian Twitter if you want to learn about business.

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