About The Just Concluded Summer Giveback Program – By Bosede Olaniyan

As a financial institution that has enjoyed support from its host community, we decided to embark on a mission to give back to our community. We created the Summer Giveback Program to serve as a Corporate Social responsibility this summer.

As a result, children within our community were invited to participate in the free summer lessons to equip them with high demand skills and business acumen. This announcement was covered by Techawk in this post

The program was created to prepare children to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. This is achieved through comprehensive and innovative learning strategies. It is our belief that every child should have equal opportunities for success and early experiences that would shape their future positively.

The company is committed to providing the knowledge necessary to ensure every child portrays the core values of innovation, respect, excellence and leadership. We also believe that the learning environment also matters. The program was coordinated in a comfortable and interactive environment.

The Setting of The Summer Giveback Program

In setting up the scheme, we sent out a call for volunteers on our IG page here. Amongst the many people who asked to be part of it, 5 tutors were contacted to facilitate the program on different days. You can find them on this IG post here.

The program was slated to hold every Saturday in August, namely the 14th, 21st, 28th and the 4th of September 2021. The tutors came in batches to allow room for practical sessions and games.

Jennifer from OG Capital and COO Bose

The children learnt basic business skills like finance drafting and ROI calculation, Data analysis, customer relationship and project management. The purpose of this series was to show them how to monetizing their hobbies.

With high demand skills like basic hair braiding, social media profiting, basics of baking and catering and public speaking, they were able to see that they could make money from the things they took for granted.

Our focus game for the period was monopoly, because it exposes the mind of players to business concepts and tricks to succeeding in a monopolistic economy. We also had Q/A sessions and ended the program telling the kids what OG Capital is about. They learnt about staff roles and their functional importance within the community as a business developer.

What The Kids Had To Say

“I enjoyed the classes so much I look forward to having longer classes next summer. The 4 classes were so engaging that I feel like the time was not enough. I will want to have the classes again next summer all day for the 4 weeks”

Uchechi Joseph Aluu.

“I Learnt how to be more confident in presenting myself and even how to make hairbands for ladies”


“I had been playing monopoly before now but OG Capital thought me how to really play the game. Uncle OG thought me the business side of the game and how to acquire wealth on the board”

David Adebiyi

“I learnt new terms, smart and confident ways to approach people I also learnt that my hobbies are valid and I can do a lot with it”

King Sammy

What The Parents Had To Say

“I sincerely appreciate OG Capital for coming up with such a wonderful program which have been very rewarding to our children. May the good Lord continue to bless and empower you in all your endeavor”

– Mr Joseph Alu

“Thank you very much for the opportunity given to Ezinne and others to learn during their summer. May God bless you richly”

Mrs Maryjane Anya


“It was a pleasure, thanks a lot we appreciate you all. God bless you.”

Elder and Mrs Okoro

“Thank you OG Capital for having us. It was worth the time. Cheers to a greater one next year”

Mrs Adebiyi

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