7 Things Customers Say That Almost Make You Want To Strangle Them

Customers never find it difficult to talk about how a business owners offend them. For Example “My tailor is never on time” without telling you that, they did not pay on time. Or “these small chops are small” without giving you the full gist of how they begged the chef to reduce the price.

7 things customers say that almost make you want to strangle them.

When there is a misunderstanding during and after a transaction, people looking in never try to look from the perspective of the business owner. The customer is always right abi? People tend only to see things from the perspective of the customer. But this may not paint an accurate picture.

I recently wrote a piece explaining why the customer may not always be right. Now in this new post, we will get to find out the little things that customers say to entrepreneurs that take them from 0°c to 100°c.

To operate a business effectively in Nigeria, the company has to operate using emotional intelligence because not all customers are coming to buy a service. Some people just like to look for trouble and get a negative reaction that they can spread with a bad review.

It is easy to handle these difficult situations especially when you can see the attacks coming. Be the wise one and never let them drag you down.

Jessica is the customer service representative of one of the biggest companies in Nigeria and relates with her customers 5 – 7 hours from Monday to Friday. This is what she had to say

It is amazing how people can be insensitive at times; they say things that hurt your feelings and still want to be treated nicely, most times I just wish I could strangle them

These are 7 things that customers say that almost makes you want to strangle them;

1. “The stress is too much for this small thing”

Working at a finance company, this is one annoying thing that customers say. When a customer comes to make a deal, there are certain documents required to begin the process. Some people do not like the stress and would rather jump the process. Maybe they do not understand why it is necessary, maybe they just don’t rate it. But it is annoying.

2. “Things are hard, where do you want me to get the money from”

You knew about the economy before you birthed an idea and asked to borrow money. If you have ever been owed money, you would be familiar with this line. When people come to seek for a loan, they are usually very meek and humble. They do not mind agreeing to your terms and conditions in the case things do not turn out the way they plan. But when people are unable to repay, they blame their inability on the economic situation of the country. Wow! This is so responsible.

3. “I will try to make payment

This is the most annoying excuse I have ever heard from a customer. You will be sitting in your office by yourself and trouble will come and find you. Customers approach you and explain what they want in detail. They leave no stone upturned and demand the highest levels of proficiency. On their date of payment, you call that individual and the person is too busy with other things. They end up telling you that they were expecting a payment from someone on the same day as the payment date. Wouldn’t you say this is perfect timing?

4. “It has not reached like that”

No dear, it has reached like that. Many Nigerian refuse to read their contract agreements. They go around signing documents without caring about the consequences. When a section of the signed agreement is activated or referred to, they act surprised and say things like “It has not reached like that”. Always consider all the possible scenarios before signing a document, to stay out of trouble.

5. “You are my person now”

In all honesty, I do not think I am.

People want to leverage on past friendships to get advantage in business and there is nothing wrong with that. But the problem comes when they try to rip you off and make you crap deals. Many small business people agree that family and friends may be the wrong people to do business with. Frankly, it is difficult for some people to separate their personal life from business. Any one that you buy from should be able to buy from you. In the case that you are to handle a debt recovery from your sister, treat it as and professionally and set your feelings aside.

6. “My bank is delaying me”

May your bank not delay your destiny in Jesus name.

Banks in Nigeria have been blamed for things that they did not do intentionally. For instance there is one too many cases of customer waiting until the date of payment just to spring up this excuse. Ever wondered why the banks never delayed their other payments? If this transaction is a priority to the customers, they would sort it out. When there is network problem, they just tell you off as if you are not important.

7. “I forgot”

You dey mad????

This is the worst excuse of all time; it makes one feel unimportant. It is down right fraudulent. Let’s imagine that you agreed upon an investment deal. Months later when the agreed return is to be paid, all you get is radio silence. You call to remind your partner and he goes “oh sorry I forgot”. This is why some companies transact with customers with the mindset of possible default. You cannot blame them it is just how the world is.

The customer care department was created as a result of the constant need of how to intelligently handle the different types of customers. They smile, apologize and cajole customers to do the right thing. If these methods are not working, they report the problems to their superiors.

There are more but these are 7 things that customers say that almost makes you want to strangle them.

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