$20,000 Or A Meeting With Obi Cubana, Which Will You Go For?

Imagine for a second that someone gave you this choice: Which will you go for, $20,000 or a meeting with Obi Cubana? Some would say this kind of conversation is for people at a beer parlour but I was curious to know what people would choose so I asked people.

$20,000 Or A Meeting With Obi Cubana, Which Will You Go For?

I did a poll on Twitter asking people which they would go for. Not surprisingly, people almost unanimously chose to take the 20,000 dollars instead of having a meeting with Obi Cubana.  

I also asked them to give reasons why they chose what they chose and some of the replies were hilarious.

The Results

The poll showed that 97% of people, out of the 186 people who took the poll, would rather take the $20k. Only 3% said they’d rather meet with the Cubana groups C.E.O.

A couple of people gave their reason for their choice.

Someone said even if it’s $200 they would take it rather than meet with Obi Cubana.

Can you blame them? 20,000 dollars is about 10 million Naira.

One person out of the lot believed it would be better to meet with Obi Cubana though.

Personally, this is what I think about choosing between the two.

The Benefits Of Having $20k

Omo! With 10 million naira you can take a one year leave from your office and still pay your boss monthly. But on a serious note, for someone who has an immediate financial need, it would be better for them to take the money. You can start a business, make a lot of good investments and buy land. Basically, if you’re smart that money can set you up for life.

The Benefits Of Meeting With Obi Cubana

Let me tell you a story. There was this lawyer who was really struggling. He had been a lawyer for a very long time and he still didn’t have a good job. He had taken his CV everywhere with no luck. Meanwhile, there is this Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) who was obviously doing well and was well known.

The lawyer knew that if he could get to that man, he would have a good chance of getting a job, but getting to him would be a little difficult because such people are not easily accessible. He finally got his chance. They was a conference for lawyers with top ranking lawyers in attendance. The lawyer spotted the SAN and waited for an opportunity to meet him.

When he saw an opening, he quickly walked up to the SAN before anyone could stop him and he greeted him and said, “Sir, please help me. I need a job”. The SAN just looked at him and told him “follow me to my office”.

As they were going the SAN kept asking him loudly, “How are you? How is the wife and family?” The lawyer did not understand why he was talking to him like this but kept responding. People at the conference were wondering who the lawyer was that this famous SAN was familiar with.

The Unusual Help

When they got to the SAN’s office, he told the lawyer, “You can go but the next tine I see you and you are still at this level, I will not help you again”. The lawyer was confused because he didn’t understand how he helped him but he left. On his way out, some people met him and offered him a job. Why? Because after seeing him talking with the SAN, they believed he had a close relationship with him and offered him a job so they could get close to the SAN too.

Benefit Of Connections

They are certain things you will achieve by the kind of relationships you have. REMA needed Don Jazzy to blow for instance. They are certain things you will learn only when you interact with certain people. So if you have an ambition or goal that you can only reach by connections, then meeting Obi Cubana might be the best option.

What would you choose and why? Comment below.

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  1. Hannah Azubuike

    Nice write up.
    Connection is what outlast currency.

  2. Davis

    Give me the $20k abeg

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