High Income Skills To Learn In 2022

A lot of young Nigerians are so excited to get admission into the university that they don’t care what course the university gives them. I mean what will a person use Anthropology for in Nigeria? As a result, a lot of fresh graduates struggle. They struggle because what they know is not always the in-demand skills employers are looking for. This doesn’t have to be a problem because there are a lot of high income skills you can learn online. Sometimes learning these skills does not even cost you. In this article, you will see high income skills to learn in 2022 that can set you free from SAPA (poverty).

1. Content Writing

Content writing has to do with writing professionally for an online audience to meet certain marketing objectives. Businesses might want to increase the number of visitors on their website or advertise a new product to their customers. But most importantly, the main aim is to pass the business’s message across to a receptive audience through well-crafted content. This is where content writers come in. Businesses hire people to craft high-quality sales copy, social media posts, blog posts and articles. As a content writer, private companies and the government can employ you or more preferably, you can work as a freelancer.

There are courses online that you can take to become proficient at content writing. Online courses like Skillshare, Coursera and Udemy are great places to learn content writing and get certificates that will boost your credibility.

2. Graphic Design

Every business nowadays need digital marketing and a critical component of digital marketing is graphic design. It’s important for a business to have a suitable graphic design strategy so as to maintain its image and be consistent for marketing. These are some of the reasons businesses need graphic designers and are willing to pay a reasonable amount for their services.

There are courses you can take for free on YouTube that you can learn from. You can also take paid courses on sites like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

3. SEO

The first five results for anything you search for on the internet does not appear there by chance. Search engines like Google, make some complex decisions about which pages it’s going to show you, out of the millions on the internet. Typically, no one goes past the first page when searching for something on Google.

There are a lot of strategies one can implement to make their website or content BETTER so that Google moves them up the list. It is called Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a SEO). Businesses know that their content and site need to rank well on Google and so there is a high demand of SEO.

Organic views are super valuable, since the alternative requires bringing in traffic through social media posting or advertising. But organic traffic is different; it’s made up of people who are driven to find the answer for the questions they’re asking.  

SEO consultants get paid between $60-250/hour. Not bad for a skill you can teach yourself.

4. Video Editing

Businesses need help creating content for training, marketing, and presentations to clients, so there’s a need for video editors in companies. With increasing digitization and accessibility, videos are an easy way for companies to convey messages and are often used as an alternative to creating printed materials or longer text descriptions on a website. People are more likely to watch a video than read text and so a lot of companies are making video content. This means video editors are regularly needed.

5. Copywriting

Copywriting is the skill of using words to sell things, and it’s valuable. It’s one of those skills that a lot of people think they have, but few actually do.  

It’s hard to write bulletproof prose that perfectly captures your ideal customer, stopping them in their tracks and helping them overcome objections to buy something. That’s why companies pay copywriters so well.  

Great copywriters are in high demand and charge a lot—the average copywriter salary on Upwork is around $100/hr.

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