How to Generate Income as a Broke Nigerian

You must have read posts about making money from your home or making money online, but one thing about these posts is that there’s often a catch somewhere, an investment to be made, or startup capital needed. The ways shown are never really ways to make money for “free”. Which brings the questions, how do you really generate income as a broke Nigerian struggling to make ends meet?

Every day, more Nigerians want to know how they can make money. There a popular saying, “you need money to make more money”, and for the most part, this is very true. Money makes money. Often times, you need to have some existing capital if you want money to work for you. Now what happens when you have no money or source of income? How do you generate income as a broke Nigerian? This brings us to the purpose of today’s topic.

In this article, we’ll be discussing ways which you can make money for “free”, that is, ways to make money without a catch, and without any cash needed, whether from your home, out of your home, or online. You only need your phone or laptop, and your wit. These ways are: Paid Surveys, Freelancing, Reviewing websites and apps, and Tutoring. Without further ado, lets get into detail.

Answering Paid Surveys

You can make easy money from your phone by taking paid surveys. There are several online platforms that will pay you for answering surveys and completing tasks on your phone. This is essentially passive income online, although the availability of some of these platforms depends on your country of residence. Some of these platforms do not support Nigerian users so you need to find and sign up to those which are available to Nigerians. Some of them include: Moborog Nigeria, Hiving Survey, Timebucks, Paidviewpoint, Facebook Viewpoint, Ysense. The best thing, you do not need to spend a dime. You only need your phone, and an internet connection to answer these surveys.

Survey platforms offer you surveys to fill out, which can typically only take a few minutes. Surveys will include brand promotions, customer feedback etc. Companies often need people to review their products before launch, or get feedback from customers regarding an existing product or service. What better way to get this info than surveys?

But the thing is, do not expect to earn a lot of money. Surveys typically don’t offer a lot of money and pay out from less than $1 to $20 per day. This may not be a lot, but it can be enough to give you a source of income and give you some financial aid while you look to build more wealth from other income sources. To access other survey platforms as a Nigerian, you might need to use a VPN. You may not get to buy your dream car, or build our dream house from taking paid surveys, but you can still make cool legit money from surveys. You only need to sign up, fill in your accurate information, and input payment details. Choose what available surveys would would like to fill, and you’re on your way to make money.


Freelancing is simply selling a skill you have for money, whether digitally or physically. This is one of the most popular ways Nigerians are making money online without spending anything. However, freelancing involves some technicality. Since you will be selling a skill to people online, you need to have a level of mastery in whatever skill you will be selling. You can be a graphic designer, writer, programmer, virtual assistant, editor. There’s no limit to what service you can sell as a freelancer. You will find a variety of needs customers have online. It is left to you to explore the marketplace and find what service you are comfortable with selling.

Even if you do not have a real skill, selling a skill as a freelancer is something that you get better at doing as you begin. When I started out as a freelance writer a few years ago, I could barely put words together, and writing even 100 words was a mammoth task. But within a few months, after I had started getting gigs, I improved exponentially and even expanded my offering into other writing categories. You too can do the same. Learn on the job. You can become a full-time freelancer and earn way more than the average salary earner in Nigeria.

Popular online freelance marketplaces include Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. I recommend starting with Fiverr due to its beginner-friendliness. You can easily create an account and start selling in a few steps. Once you have registered as a seller, you can explore the website and browse through the available categories to get an idea of service you would like to sell online. You can earn from $5 and above per project depending on your offering. Some freelancers charge more than $1000 for a single project. The earning potential is dependent on the niche, your skill and offering.

If you are broke and are looking for a way to make money, freelancing might just be your way out. As a freelancer, you can work from your home and only need your phone, computer, and an internet connection.

Review Websites and Apps

Reviewing websites and apps is another free way to make money without any expenditure. Several businesses and brands pay people to review their websites in terms of quality and functionality.  Reviewing a website is just examining how fast it loads and other functionality. You can leave feedback on how well – or how poor – a website or app worked. Some platforms will require you to take a test

The earning potential involved depends on the platform you have chosen and the method of testing selected. Sometimes, you can also do video sessions with clients where there’ll be a one-on-one testing session. Some companies also offer payments, free products and other incentives for leaving review and feedback on their websites and pages. Some online platforms you can sign up to and start reviewing include: UserTesting, TryMyUI, Testbirds.

You do not have to pay a registration fee so you can begin reviewing for free without making any payments. Some platforms require you to take a short eligibility test before you can start reviewing. If you’re someone that spends time surfing the web, or use social media, you should easily pass this test. From there, all you need to do is download apps or visit websites, and make observations about the interface, the navigation, and your experience in general. You can earn as much as $10 for each review and only need your phone or computer an internet connection.

Become a tutor

Teaching is another very popular way to earn money in Nigeria. Thanks to the internet, aspiring tutors now have the option of tutoring online or physically. If you have a knack for teaching, tutoring, or imparting knowledge, you can seize this opportunity to teach students a course you’re familiar with. You can also teach something unconventional like a new language, or a skill. You can also easily get a job in a local school, most of who do not have a lot of requirements when hiring tutors. It may be easy for you to get a teaching job and start earning some money as a teacher.

However, if you would like to teach students on your own, you can start off a home teacher or a lesson teacher. Advertise your services to parents, at local schools and teach one or a few students. The pay involved is usually instant however, the setup can be a bit involved and will require you putting in extra effort. What you charge will depend on your expertise, and the course in demand.

If you would like to teach online and work from home instead, this may be more convenient for you. There are several platforms where you can start teaching as an online tutor including, UpskillTutor or Skooli, and lots of others. For optimum results, you may teach a course which you already have experience in. You can create pre-recorded sessions for student’s course outlines and templates. Different platforms have different requirements when signing up as a tutor so you would need to check them out for yourself to see if you fulfill the criteria. Again, you only need your computer and an internet connection to begin. Teaching can be a cool side gig for you, and you do not have to pay a dime as you earn money.

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