How Much Do Nigerian Influencers Really Make?

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In Nigeria, the term influencer is used to refer to anyone who has gained some sort on popularity on social media due to the fact that they put out content, have a lot of followers, engage themselves in media controversy, or have some kind of clout. It’s common to see people do just about anything for popularity and for good reason. Being an influencer in Nigeria can be one of the coolest ways to make some money. But how much do Nigerian influencers really make?

There are a lot of individuals online who sit at their homes and feed off metric like followers, comments, likes, and shares.

A social media influencer in the true sense is someone who is well experienced and has authority on a particular subject area of interest or niche. These days, it matters very little if you actually know your onions or if you have a pedigree. Just have the right amount of following, savagery, and perhaps sexual appeal, and you can call yourself a social media influencer.

With the coming of influencer marketing and the possibility of monetizing social media fame, it’s easy to see why many people are tripping over themselves to become popular on social media by any means. Let’s look at how much Nigerian influencers really make.

How Much Do Social Media Influencers Earn In Nigeria?

Gloria Olurontobi (AKA Maraji) is one of Nigeria’s most popular influencers who rose to fame due to her comical ingenuity. Maraji has built a loyal fanbase on social media; currently with 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 144k followers on Twitter. In 2018, Maraji shocked many when she revealed in an interview that she went from earning NGN10,000 naira per Instagram post in 2016, to somewhere between NGN500,000 and NGN1Million naira per post. Look at these numbers.

Maraji -

Another popular influencer in Nigeria is Taaooma, stage name for Instagram Comedian Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam. Taaooma creates hilarious content and infuses the striking elements of African parenting in her videos. Reports indicate that Taaooma earns from between NGN600,000 to NGN1million naira for each promotional video she posts on Instagram.

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu popularly known as Sabinus, is one of Nigeria’s currently most trending influencers. In an April interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Sabinus revealed how he earns nothing less than NGN10 million naira monthly from brand influencing and content creation. According to Sabinus, he charges on average NGN1.5million for each advert on his page. This interview left a lot of people amazed. I mean, is influencing the new oil money?

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However, these are the big names in the industry. Let’s look at this from a wider scale.

Influencer Earnings

Your pay as a macro or micro influencer depends on several factors. Reach, influence, brand, and budget are the some of the factors that determine how much Nigerian influencers earn and that figure varies.

According to Social Media Strategist, Adewale Adetona, micro influencers make from NGN30,000 naira to 60,000 naira per campaign. Macro-influencers make between NGN100,000 to NGN300,000 naira per campaign. These campaigns can be as short as a week and stretch up to months depending on the terms.

Brands are always willing to pay to reach people. An influencer in an anonymous interview by Zikoko, revealed he had been contacted by a pretty big brand and was paid NGN6.5 million naira for a campaign that stretched 3 months. Another influencer revealed he was paid NGN200,000 naira just to attend an event and post two tweets. Some influencers can even get sponsored trainings overseas.

Now you have an idea of how much influencers make in Nigeria. Influencing can be easy and lucrative work. However, the journey up there isn’t as easy as it may seem.

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