About us

OG Capital believes that the key to reviving the flow of vast wealth within the economy lies greatly in human capital development, and the power of commerce. In order to accelerate local economic growth, there is need for private developers like us who must take active part in the center of the action, in a bid to better integrate prosperity into the national economy.
OG Capital is only working with under-banked micro enterprises at the bottom of the credit pyramid. We use targeted research to reveal what should be sold, how to sell it, where to sell it, and how to price it.
Then we provide structured equipment financing programs for these enterprises to enable them to acquire capital asset that boost their revenue productivity and improve their overall standards of life.

Capital Investment
Earn Between 5% Returns In Just 30% Days. Become Rich by investing in small businesses

Business Planning
We offer business planning and external management services

Equipment Financing
You can quickly receive micro loans to meet your equipment purchase or operational needs.

Chief Executive


OG holds a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Minna. As Chief Executive and founder, he is tapping into his experience in Process Optimization to steer OG Capital into the business development industry. He is keen on improving performance, while eliminating resource wastage and financial mismanagement.

Chief Operating Officer


Bose holds a bachelors degree in Mass Communication from Bingham University, Karu. She co-founded the company and currently acts as the Chief Operating Officer for OG Capital. She is leveraging on her extensive background in Event planning and Project Management to guide the company to success.


“we aim to create jobs by boosting commerce in order to raise standards of living, and stimulate local economic growth.“