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6 Things You Should Not Do This Christmas

Billions of people around the world celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December every year. What started as a Christian religious celebration is now an opportunity for corporations and businesses to make money as a lot of gifts are bought … Read More

How To Control Your Temper And Not Kill Your Annoying Colleague At Work

In Nigeria, most adults work between 8-9 hours a day, this means you spend most of your time with your colleagues and it may determine your entire emotional and mental state. Doing a task with a cheerful person makes the … Read More

7 Things Customers Say That Almost Make You Want To Strangle Them

Customers never find it difficult to talk about how a business owners offend them. For Example “My tailor is never on time” without telling you that, they did not pay on time. Or “these small chops are small” without giving … Read More

How To Start a Small Chops Business: All you need to know

When you get to a party and a plate full of well prepared small chops is not served, that party is bound to be a disaster. Nowadays, even if your food is tasteless, your guests will readily forgive you if … Read More

How To Deal When A Customer Is Hitting On You (personal experience)

As a customer service representative, you are the direct link between the customers and your company. Therefore making you a natural brand ambassador of whatever company you work for. It requires selfless service even under duress. You have to be … Read More

6 Things You Should Buy Before December

Christmas celebration in Nigeria is part of our culture. It is celebrated as an end of the year holiday by people who are not even Christians. In America the 60 day period of November and December is regarded as “shopping … Read More

3 Polite Ways To Say No To A Customer You Don’t Want To Work With

In business, you will always interact with customers. Some nice and some very unpleasant. Because customers are important to the growth of businesses and companies, you want to have a good relationship with them. They do not only grow your … Read More

Launching A Business Vs Getting Employed: Which Is Better?

Launching a business vs getting employed: which is better? This has been an ongoing debate for the last one decade. Some people believe in starting their own businesses, where they are free to operate as you see fit. Other people … Read More

How to Make a Nigerian Tailor Finish your Work on Time

Dealing with a Nigerian Tailor can be a headache, especially when they do not deliver your order on time. The festive period is coming and many people will face disappointment. The question is, do Nigerian tailors deliberately refuse to cater … Read More

How Do I Start a Tailoring Business in Nigeria? Everything You Need To Know

“How do I start a tailoring business in Nigeria” If you love sewing, you may consider starting a tailoring business in Nigeria. Since we already know that the market is saturated, you may think that this is not a good … Read More