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High Income Skills To Learn In 2022

A lot of young Nigerians are so excited to get admission into the university that they don’t care what course the university gives them. I mean what will a person use Anthropology for in Nigeria? As a result, a lot … Read More

How To Make 1 Million Naira This December

Yes! You can make a million Naira by the end of December and no, it won’t have to be by yahoo, kidnapping, carrying a gun to rob people or being a senator in Nigeria. I’ll be sharing how to make … Read More

Managing Your Small Business Finances

Big companies can easily employ accountants and get accounting software to help with their businesses but since many small business owners cannot afford that, it’s best to know how to manage finances for your  small business. In this article, you’ll … Read More

Why Every Broke Nigerian Should Buy Crypto Before The End Of 2021

The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009. It, and other cryptocurrencies, started gaining popularity in Nigeria from 2014 and since then, a lot of people have become rich from buying and selling Bitcoin. I’ll share with you in this … Read More

Writing A Simple Business Plan + Free Template

For those who have no idea what a business plan is, A business plan is a detailed document that is written to outline what a business’s objectives are and how it intends to achieve these goals. A business plan shows a business’s road map in terms of marketing, … Read More

Why Are Nigerians Broke In January

January comes with a lot of bills. Whether it is school fees, utility bills, rent or black tax from relatives, every adult will have to pay for something in January. Unfortunately, only a few can do that without having to … Read More

5 Do’s And Don’ts When You Receive A Business Loan

Working in a micro-lending firm, I’ve seen how different kinds of small business owners and even aspiring entrepreneurs behave when their loan application is approved. While a lot of them have used the fund for their businesses, a couple of … Read More

5 High Demand Careers In Tech For Non Tech People

In the last ten years, the technology industry in Nigeria has grown exponentially. African technology companies have raised over US$1 billion in funding, an increase of 167% from 2017. Companies like Andela, Flutterwave and Kobo360 have raised over US$450 million … Read More

How To Find Your Target Audience In Nigeria

A business will waste years and lots of money with nothing to show for it if they (1) do not define their target audience and (2) market their product to the wrong target audience. This article will show you how … Read More

5 Things To Ask Before Seeking For Loan In Nigeria

After you’ve come up with a brilliant business idea, done your research on the market into which you’re about to venture, and drafted the perfect business plan, you’ll need one of the most important metrics by which a company’s efficient … Read More