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Whatever Happened To Record Labels In Nigeria?

Right from the 90s, record labels like Kennis Music have been relevant to music creatives as they made the likes of Tubaba (formerly known as Tuface Idibia) famous. Many other record labels have risen up since then. These record labels … Read More

$20,000 Or A Meeting With Obi Cubana, Which Will You Go For?

Imagine for a second that someone gave you this choice: Which will you go for, $20,000 or a meeting with Obi Cubana? Some would say this kind of conversation is for people at a beer parlour but I was curious … Read More

How To Avoid Debt And Live Below Your Means

Are you always living from paycheck to paycheck? Is there nothing left for savings or emergency when you make your budget? Do you have to pay back debts when you receive your salary? Are you constantly finding it hard to … Read More

Why You Must Buy Land In 2022

People who bought land in the 90s and held it till now are definitely smiling to the bank. Land was sold then for as low as ₦50,000 and now, the least anyone will sell it for is hundreds of thousands. … Read More

10 People To Follow On Nigerian Twitter If You Want To Learn About Business

Twitter can be used for a whole lot more than just having a good time. You can do more than laughing at memes and banter and chatting with your friends. It can be a useful resource for improving yourself and … Read More

List Of Taxes And Levies You Should Be Aware Of Before You Start A Business In Nigeria

When you start a business in Nigeria, you will begin to pay taxes and levies to different government bodies. Not many new business owners are aware of this. As a result, they are caught unaware and are often unprepared for this … Read More

What Is Break Even Point And How Does It Apply To Nigerian Businesses

To start a business, you will need to spend some money. These expenses might be to get things like a location (if it is a business that requires a physical location). It could also be to purchase equipment, products, etc. … Read More

3 Apps To Check Your Credit Score In Nigeria

Increasing digitization of money management processes allow for convenience and ease of access on a micro level. Using data insights from credit bureaus, some fintechs now allow people to check their credit reports. This article will show you 3 apps … Read More

6 Signs The Person You Are About To Lend Money To Will Not Repay The Loan

While there are several ways to recover a debt from a defaulter, it is better to prevent it from happening altogether. One of these measures is to make a deep assessment of the people coming to take loans from you. … Read More

2 Types Of Debtors In Nigeria And How To Approach Them (Inability Vs Unwillingness)

We have all had to deal with debtors, whether on a personal or business level. Debtors can be categorized based on the peculiarities of their situations when it comes to repaying their debt. (a) There are those who are unable … Read More