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Selling to Nigerian Gen Z: What You Need To Know

Generation Z usually refers to those born between 1995 and 2012, succeeding Millenials and preceding Generation Alpha. Gen Z are often called “digital natives” because they are the first generation to have enjoyed access to the internet and portable digital … Read More

What To Do When You Suddenly Come Into Money

Wondering what to do when you suddenly come into some money? Getting a small or a large sum of money can feel great, overwhelming, or both, sometimes even sad if it’s due to an inheritance or settlement. It’s normal to … Read More

Nigerian Loan Sharks: How To Spot and Avoid Them

If you’ve ever borrowed money from a loan shark in Nigeria, you might understand how miserable these unprofessional lenders can make you feel for borrowing money. If you have never borrowed and are unaware of what they are, loan sharks … Read More

What You Should Know Before Renting A Shop In Nigeria

Before deciding to rent a shop for your business in Nigeria, there are so many things to consider. Depending on the nature of your business and what you’re selling, renting a shop could make or break your business. Renting a … Read More

Fun Fridays at OG Capital

At the end of every workweek at OG Capital, we’ve come up with fun activities to boost productivity, relax, bond and give everyone a great start to the weekend. Instead of counting down the minutes to 5pm on Fridays, we … Read More

How Much Do Nigerian Influencers Really Make?

In Nigeria, the term influencer is used to refer to anyone who has gained some sort on popularity on social media due to the fact that they put out content, have a lot of followers, engage themselves in media controversy, … Read More

6 Signs You’re Ready to Own a House in Nigeria

Adulthood comes fast, and with it come a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities may include paying your own bills, doing house chores, upkeep, engaging in an employment or having a source of income, and even raising the much shorter roommates … Read More

Banking in Nigeria: Growing Trends

Digitization is changing how people interact and do business on a day-to-day basis. Millennials and Gen-Zers are now constantly demanding for a digital banking experience which is transforming how banking in Nigeria operates. This growing desire of consumers to access financial … Read More

Tracking Your Net Worth

In our previous article we discussed net worth, its meaning, and importance. In this article, we will discuss deriving and tracking your net worth. – Calculating Net Worth – The first step in calculating your net worth is adding up … Read More

Net Worth For Beginners

As a kid, whenever I heard talk about net worth, I always thought it was a financial term that applied only to billionaires and the wealthy. After all, this term only came up when a celebrity, a public figure or … Read More