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Which Is A Better Investment: Land Vs Cryptocurrency

In this economic melt down, it is important to invest your money in highly valuable assets. The wealthiest people on Earth invest in tangible and/or digital properties. In this article you will find out which is a better investment: Land … Read More

How The Nigerian Government Makes Money

Generating revenue is very essential, not just in the private sector but also in the public sector. The economy of any nation survives on inflow of fiscal resources to succeed and Nigeria is not an exception. Every government depends on … Read More

All You Need To Know About Taxes, And Why A Business Must Pay Tax

As a business owner, one big financial constraint is the payment of taxes. This is especially true if you operate your business in an economy where your taxes do not produce tangible results. However, paying of taxes is as important … Read More

Abeg, Don’t Borrow Money From OKash and Co. (My Experience)

“Should I borrow money from Okash?” The answer to this question always feels like a resounding YES especially when you get cash strapped. It felt like a heavy burden lifted up from my shoulder when I saw the ad for … Read More

I Have A Bad Credit Score, What Does That Even Mean?

“What does it mean to have a low credit score?” Have you wondered why you were told that the reason your loan application is rejected is because you have a low credit score? Lenders put structures in place to assess … Read More

Really, Are Low Interest Investments Safer? Why People Fear HYIP

Are low interest investments safer? If I promise you an ROI of 5% per annum, would you feel better and give me all your money? Would you be certain that your investment would not go down the drain? Let’s find … Read More

4 Games You Can Play At Home To Teach Your Children About Money

Child development is a responsibility that no parent should never neglect. From a very young age, teaching children about certain values such as money would help them. It would mold their lives in an admirable way and help them make … Read More

3 Ways To Protect Your Money Against Inflation In Nigeria

To inflate something is to increase it by a large amount. Inflation isn’t your friend, read up to find out how to protect your money against inflation in Nigeria. In Economics, it is an estimate of the rate at which … Read More

Should I Get An Accounting Software Or Hire An Accountant? Definitive Answer For Nigerian Businesses

“Should I get an accounting software or hire an accountant?” Undoubtedly, every organization as long as it is dealing with inflow and outflow of resources needs someone to handle its financial reports and operations. And, the Accounting or finance department plays … Read More

How To Generate A Valuation For Your Startup (With Nigerian Examples)

There are certain things you need to calculate in order to fully understand the worth of your business. One of those things is the valuation for your startup business. As a business owner you probably ask yourself this all the … Read More