Become Rich By Investing Investing In Small Businesses

We receive and manage your investment in lucrative small businesses.

Investment Management
We receive and manage your investments in lucrative small businesses.

Fixed Returns
We offer you a fixed return on your investment at the end of an agreed term.

Amazing Return Rates
Earn Between 5% Returns In Just 30% Days.
Earn profits on your funding capital

Invest in small businesses


Small businesses account for more than 90% of all registered businesses in Nigeria. They provide employment for about 84% of the population and contribute about 50% of GDP to the economy. Small business is the real deal!
Investing in small business development should not only be a core pillar of an economic policy – it should also be your most critical individual plan for growing generational wealth. Let’s dwell on the latter for a minute.

Registered Businesses in Nigeria
Small Businesses 90%

Population Employment Rate
Small Businesses 84%

Economic GDP
Small Businesses 50%

How do you become wealthy from businesses without actually starting one?

The answer is simple; you seek out a business developer that will;
Receive and manage your investment in lucrative small businesses.
Offer you a fixed return on your investment at the end of an agreed term.
You Can Start From The Top
You don’t always have to get your hands dirty and work your way from the ground up. How? All you need to do is leverage on a system that puts you on top of a profitable credit system.

OG Capital is already reaping bountiful ROIs from investing in SMEs using debt based instruments like equipment financing. Read more about our ideology and business model from this medium article.
Gone are the days when you actually had to start a business to make profit from one. The key is to put yourself in an ownership position and let your money work for you through a broker who knows how to invest and make profit from small businesses.


Read more about our ideology and business model from this medium article.

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We are determined to empower small business owners, while enabling investing partners earn profits on their funding capital. This helps to promote a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem which ultimately makes us rich.
Earn Between 5% Returns In Just 60% Days
OG Capital identifies struggling businesses with high growth potential and turns them into enduring companies by providing them with business management and financial inclusion.
Our financial inclusion mechanism is where you fit as an investing partner. OG Capital seeks out high growth potential businesses and puts them in debt with equipment loans in a secured environment.
These loans allow the businesses to acquire vital capital asset. But more importantly, it allows us to earn a steady flow of interest income from their structured repayments.
This is why you now have the opportunity to make 15% of your investment in 60 days.
You are invited to share in this highly profitable business model. OG Capital receives all the risk and takes responsibility for any liability that may arise on the business end.
A memorandum of understanding will be signed and all monies will be paid exactly on the agreed dates. Minimum value for investment is N10, 000 and maximum is N500, 000.


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